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Fortune 500 strategies custom-built to propel SMBs accelerated growth and scaling.



Sonata is an International Business Strategist and Process Engineer with extensive multinational experience spanning 3 continents with Fortune 500 corporations, such as ExxonMobil and P&G. She is also an international speaker and a leading voice in Tech, Virtual Reality and Business Strategy.

Sonata founded Luminaire Advisors growth strategy consultancy with the primary focus of implementing customized Fortune 500 strategies to accelerate small & mid-sized businesses growth and scaling. Throughout her extensive career, Sonata has mastered the trifecta of Marketing, Operations and Business Development, primarily centered around monetization and creating additional revenue streams. Her award-winning trajectory has generated millions of dollars for her companies/ clients across multiple disciplines including Virtual Reality, Monetization, Strategic Planning, Business Process Optimization, Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

Sonata’s growing list of clients includes: Virtual Reality, Entertainment and Film, Tech, Fin-Tech, Social Media, Consumer Products, Fashion & Retail, Fitness, Green technology, Real Estate, Communications & Interior Design.



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Management Consulting

Streamline your Operations while boosting your bottom line?
Implement Fortune 500 best practices usually reserved at the top?
Running short on resources to implement strategic business plans?

Our Solution ...

  • Corporate Development and Infrastructure Engineering
  • Strategic Planning, Business Plans, Pitch Decks
  • Growth, Downsizing and Revenue Enhancement Strategies


Do you know what your target audience wants/ needs?
Are your audience getting your message?
How are your competition positioning themselves differently?

Our Solution ...

  • Strategic marketing plans including strategic analysis, competition, positioning, messaging, tactics and budget.
  • Strategic Alliances & Lead generation strategies to boost traffic
  • Positive Differentiation in the marketplace
  • Alternative revenue streams


Are you reaching your revenue objectives?
Do you need to implement effective and efficient systems for using resources, personnel and the work process?
Have you linked long- and short-term strategic decisions and created an effective management team?

Our Solution ...

  • Innovation & Product development
  • Operations and process efficiencies
  • Supply chain management strategies
  • Developing Core Competencies

Strategic Planning

Have you set direction and priorities for your business?
How have you positioned your competitive advantage?
Have you provided focus and direction to move from plan to action?

Our Solution ...

  • Plan human resources and operational needs
  • Improve bottom line for funding/ increased valuation
  • Assess business opportunities
  • Drive Alignment

Project Management

Projects completed late, over-budget, or without meeting the functionality requirements of your clients?
Project management is reactive and not seen as providing value?
Time required to manage projects proactively is not built into the schedule?

Our Solution ...

  • Dynamic incorporation of organizational skills, time management, & relationship management
  • Creative mitigations, cross group collaboration, and exercising long and short term strategic planning.
  • Saving effort and cost with proactive scope management
  • Better solution “fit” the first time through better planning

Growth Hacking

Tried many forms of marketing to push the business, but they fall flat?
Unaware of your marketing potential, or what your customers will respond to?
How to go about acquiring more customers/ users?

Our Solution ...

  • Quick Acceleration focusing on key strengths for a quick launch
  • Mixture of acquisitions, optimization strategies and testing
  • Viral Acquisition strategies
    A/B testing and Analytics


Luminaire Advisors is a boutique strategy consultancy focused on Strategic Planning & Implementation, Operational Streamlining, Strategic Marketing, Business Transformation, Supply Chain and Launch Strategies.

Access exclusive Fortune 500 strategies straight from top Fortune corporations all the way to leading startups in Silicon Beach. Our strategies are tailored to address your unique business needs. Boost your bottom line with custom planning solutions from top executives with proven C-level implementation experience.

Practice areas include:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Model implementation
  • Strategic Marketing and partnerships
  • Business Development and expansion strategy
  • Operations Streamlining & Profitability
  • Launch Strategy and Planning

Sonata has been quite useful as we juggled hundreds of moving pieces to launch our new VR platform. Her Fortune 10 experience has been invaluable not only for her organizational skills, out of the box thinking but also for her ability to collaboratively work with business members of our team and our technology developers as well. Sonata brings a lot to the table, gets the job done fast and is a valuable asset to any team. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her.

CEO – Leading VR Company in Silicon Beach

Luminaire Advisors and their CEO Sonata Taman, understood our specific needs and the nature of our industry, and significantly increased our growth hacking model.

President – Leading IT company in Santa Monica

Working with Luminaire Advisors has provided us with the edge we need to make a name for ourselves in our industry. Not only does Sonata come with extensive Operations and Profitability experience, she’s also a wiz in Strategic Marketing. It’s like working with 2 consultants in one!

CEO – High end Fashion Retail client

Sonata has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of our company. Providing knowledge and insight to key areas for growth and organization. She has proven herself to be a valued member of our team who can be relied on to get the job done right.

CEO – Leading Silicon Beach technology client


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  • Strategic direction, Launch strategy and implementation for VR client’s newest platform release.
  • Strategic Planning, Business Plan and Marketing Plan for leading content sharing platform.
  • Strategic growth planning for virtual interior design business.
  • Advised green technology company on international supply chain & branding.
  • Structured marketing plan for European high end fashion retailer expanding operation into the US.
  • Strategic planning and implementation support for top development firm’s clients