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Single-handedly helped recent startup client grow from $20K to $300K followed by $2M projects in just 8 months!


Luminaire Advisors is a boutique innovation consulting firm focused on Strategic Innovation and Monetization.

We incorporate Fortune10 best practices to deliver business breakthroughs through strategy development, new revenue stream opportunity identification, new product, service and business model innovation and leadership/ culture development for achieving breakthrough growth and scaling.

Our strategies are tailored to address our clients unique business needs. We help clients design strategy road maps, processes and cultures that boost bottom line results and create sustainable growth.

  • Growth Strategy & Innovation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Culture & Management Consulting
  • Operational Streamlining & Profitability
  • Business Development & Expansion Strategy


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Business plateauing?
Need to implement strategic innovation?
Uncertain where all the money is going?
Don’t know where are your growth opportunities?
Looking to go lean/ streamline operations?
In need of innovation and automation of your work flow?

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  • Cost-effective strategies to increase revenue
  • New revenue stream identification
  • Strategic planning / allocation of resources
  • Increase business efficiency, reduce costs, and improve responsiveness to customers
  • Business Development & Expansion Strategy


Need to motivate employees and boost productivity?
Tired of hiring/ firing and still getting the same results?
Can’t seem to get Productivity to pick up?
Cost of attrition continuously on the rise?
Valuable resources leaving for better offers?
Can’t seem to hold on to key employees?

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  • Operational Streamlining & Productivity
  • Boost morale and foster team building activities
  • Implement non-monetary incentive plans
  • “Reshuffle the deck” and efficiently allocate resources for max output
  • Employee motivation and Performance tracking


Starting a new business? / Launching a new product?
Not sure what you need/ where to start?
Looking for Initiatives planning to go hand in hand with end-to-end execution?
Want to setup your business to scale?
Need a strategic plan of action/ execution?

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  • New product, service and business model Innovation
  • New business Pitch Decks/ Marketing materials
  • Executive Summary – Ranked best pitch document by top investors
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic roadmap/ milestones



Sonata is an International Business Strategist and Process Engineer with extensive multinational experience spanning 3 continents with Fortune 10 corporations, such as ExxonMobil and P&G. She is also an international speaker and a leading voice in Tech, Virtual Reality and Business Strategy.

Sonata founded Luminaire Advisors boutique innovation consulting firm specializing in Strategic Innovation and Monetization. Luminaire Advisors focus is to incorporate Fortune10 best practices to deliver business breakthroughs through strategy development, new revenue stream opportunity identification, new product, service and business model innovation and leadership/ culture development for achieving breakthrough growth and scaling.

Most recently, Sonata was instrumental in single-handedly helping recent client grow from $20K to $300K followed by $2M projects in just 8 months!

Throughout her extensive career, Sonata has mastered the trifecta of Marketing, Operations and Business Development, primarily centered around monetization and creating additional revenue streams. Her award-winning trajectory has generated millions of dollars for her companies/ clients across multiple disciplines including Strategic Planning, Monetization, Business Process Optimization, Product Development, Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

Sonata’s growing list of clients includes: Virtual Reality, Entertainment and Film, Tech, Fin-Tech, Social Media, Consumer Products, Fashion & Retail, Fitness, Green technology, Real Estate, Communications & Interior Design.


Luminaire Advisors has been quite useful as we juggled hundreds of moving pieces to launch our new VR platform. Sonata’s Fortune 10 experience has been invaluable not only for her out of the box monetization strategies & multi-team organizational skills, but also for her ability to collaboratively bring together business members inside and outside of our team as well. Sonata brings a lot to the table, gets the job done fast and is a valuable asset to any team. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her.

CEO – VR Studio in Silicon Beach

Luminaire Advisors and their CEO Sonata Taman, understood our specific needs and the nature of our industry, acted swiftly to implement fundamental growth strategies and significantly increased our growth hacking results.

President – Leading Tech development company in Santa Monica

Working with Luminaire Advisors has provided us with the edge we need to make a name for ourselves expanding into the US. Not only does Sonata come with extensive Monetization and Profitability experience, she’s also a wiz in Strategic Marketing and positioning. It’s the exactly double-edged advantage we needed to make a name for ourselves in a new market.

CEO – High-end Fashion Retail company

Sonata has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of our company. Providing knowledge and strategy to key areas for growth and organization. She has proven herself to be a valued member of our team who can be relied on to get the job done right.

CEO – Fast rising Silicon Beach technology company


BoAML Australian Investor Conference
Bank of America Merrill Lynch HQ
New York City
Rogers Communications Center
Toronto, Canada
Digital Hollywood
The Skirball
Los Angeles, CA
Women in Finance, Tech & Engineering
Woodbury University
Burbank, CA
We Inspire Summit
Fullerton University
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Innovative Strategies to Scaling Businesses
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  • VR platform monetization strategy, Product Development, International Growth Strategy, and Platform Launch for VR client.
  • Strategic Planning, Product Development, Business Growth Strategy and Implementation for emerging tech client.
  • Strategic Marketing and Business Development for European Entertainment & Film client.
  • Management Consulting/ Cultural Development for accounting firm client.
  • Strategic Growth Planning for emerging virtual interior design business.
  • International Supply Chain & Branding for green technology client.
  • Strategic Marketing planning for European high end fashion retailer expanding operations into the US.
  • Strategic Marketing and positioning for development firm’s clients.